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Dynamic snapshots?

Within the insect navigation literature, snapshot matching is often portrayed as a static process. Perhaps for the benefit of the reader or perhaps for the benefit of the author – but either way it is easier to get one’s head around the idea of a structured discrete process:  “1. stop 2. compare current view with snapshot 3. move”.  However, the work of Laura Dittmar and colleagues highlights the importance of thinking about view-based homing as a dynamic process. They report that honeybees are able to use landmarks for homing, even when the landmarks are statically camouflaged. Perhaps snapshots are made up of contours labelled with a desired speed or motion could be used simply to identify contour locations and then thrown away. Whichever, it certainly reminds us to consider how animals interact with their environment when considering possible mechanisms of navigation.

Dittmar, Laura, Sturzl, Wolfgang, Baird, Emily, Boeddeker, Norbert, Egelhaaf, Martin
Goal seeking in honeybees: matching of optic flow snapshots?
J Exp Biol 2010 213: 2913-2923

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