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Route analysis techniques

Studies of navigational behaviour can often yield massive amounts of data, although often we don’t use techniques with enough sophistication to extract the most from this data.  A recent paper, from our cousins in the pigeon navigation field, addresses this issue by looking at ways of analysing the volumes of route data they now get from GPS systems. The technique described here identifies important (way)points along  habitual routes which can then be used to correlate routes with the sensory information that might be key for their guidance. This could be a useful technique for people who generate lots of route data, for instance during field work on ant navigation.

R. Mann, R. Freeman, M. Osborne, R. Garnett, C. Armstrong, J. Meade, D. Biro, T. Guilford & S. Roberts: Objectively identifying landmark use and predicting flight trajectories of the homing pigeon using Gaussian processes, J. Roy. Soc. Interface (2010)

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