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Adaptive randomness?

Emily Baird et al. “Bearing selection in ball-rolling dung beetles: is it constant?” J Comp Physiol A (2010) 196:801–806

This is the most recent paper in the on-going series of fascinating studies of ball-rolling dung beetles. These beetles try to roll their ball away from a dung-pile as rapidly as possible (i.e. a straight-line) in order to avoid competition from other beetles at the main dung-pile. Recent papers (also from this group) have told great stories of the sensory physiology underpinning orientation in ball-rolling. Here Emily Baird and colleagues ask the question of whether individuals have idiosyncratic departure directions? They report that departure directions are not maintained relative to geographical, celestial or wind cues. It seems that the best way to keep competitors guessing is to make it up as you go along!

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