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The interaction between learning and ecology: A new model?

Those malevolent creatures, the parasitoid wasps, need precise orientation in order to locate hosts, but the optimum strategies and the value of learning for a wasp may vary as a function of ecology. Hoedjes et al, in their recent review, suggest that this variation makes them an ideal model for studying the interaction between learning and ecology.

In the authors’ own words ” … …the neural and genetic pathways underlying learning and memory formation seem strikingly similar among species of distant animal phyla, several more subtle inter- and intraspecific differences become evident from studies on model organisms. The true significance of such variation can only be understood when integrating this with information on the ecological relevance. Here, we argue that parasitoid wasps provide an excellent opportunity for multi-disciplinary studies that integrate ultimate andproximate approaches.”

Hoedjes et al (2010) Natural variation in learning rate and memory dynamics in parasitoid wasps: opportunities for converging ecology and neuroscience PRSB

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