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How to use panoramic scenes for route navigation?

Andy Philippides writes:  ” Lots of fantastic experiments have been done where the use of artificial, geometrically simple landmarks has enabled us to understand the mechanistic details of insects’ navigational systems.  For addressing the related question of how insects use natural complex scenes for navigation we have decided that modelling is an excellent complement to tradtional experimental approaches. In this paper, we have followed the work of Jochen Zeil and colleagues and asked simple questions about the informational content of panoramic scenes.  Results from our analysis suggest that: parsimonious snapshot style strategies for homing and route guidance are effective over behaviourally relevant distances even in cluttered environments using only a single stored snapshot; that these strategies can function effectively if views are simply a panoramic list of skyline heights, rather than the whole image; and that the simplicity and efficacy of using stored views as a visual compass makes it a viable and robust mechanism for route guidance.”

Philippides, A, Baddeley, B, Cheng, K and Graham, P (2011) How might ants use panoramic views for route navigation?
J Exp Biol 2011 214: 445-451

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