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Special issue on information processing in small brains

In the most recent issue of Proc. R. Soc. B (vol. 278) there is a special feature on information processing in small brains. There are many interesting topics covered (full list of papers at end of this post) with my personal favourite paper being Farris and Schulmeister whose analysis of mushroom bodies across the Hymenoptera suggests it was the demands of  parasitoidism rather than sociality that drove the elaboration of the mushroom bodies. This perhaps suggests that the increase in cognitive ability that is necessitated by parasitoidism allows for species to evolve sociality by allowing central place foraging.

The full list of articles is:

L. Chittka and P. Skorupski  Information processing in miniature brains

Katja M. Hoedjes, H. Marjolein Kruidhof, Martinus E. Huigens, Marcel Dicke, Louise E. M. Vet, and Hans M. Smid  Natural variation in learning rate and memory dynamics in parasitoid wasps: opportunities for converging ecology and neuroscience

Aurore Avarguès-Weber, Adrian G. Dyer, and Martin Giurfa Conceptualization of above and below relationships by an insect

Bruno Van Swinderen and Rozi Andretic Dopamine in Drosophila: setting arousal thresholds in a miniature brain

Gáspár Jékely Origin and early evolution of neural circuits for the control of ciliary locomotion

James G. Burns, Julien Foucaud, and Frederic Mery Costs of memory: lessons from ‘mini’ brains

Björn Brembs Towards a scientific concept of free will as a biological trait: spontaneous actions and decision-making in invertebrates

Sarah M. Farris and Susanne Schulmeister Parasitoidism, not sociality, is associated with the evolution of elaborate mushroom bodies in the brains of hymenopteran insects

Adrian G. Dyer, Angelique C. Paulk, and David H. Reser Colour processing in complex environments: insights from the visual system of bees


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