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Antennal-lobe organisation in Cataglyphis

Cataglyphid desert ants are, of course, excellent individual navigators with C. fortis, in particular, an especially well studied model system. In this paper Stieb et al look at the organisation of the antennal lobes of C. fortis in comparison to other Cataglyphis species. Fortis show a reduced number of glomeruli but workers do show one particular glomerulus which is intriguingly enlarged. The extreme salt-pan ecology of fortis may have driven adaptations in the olfactory system as well as the navigational systems.

Sara Mae Stieb, Christina Kelber, Rüdiger Wehner, Wolfgang Rössler (2011) Antennal-Lobe Organization in Desert Ants of the Genus Cataglyphis. Brain Behav Evol 2011;77:136-146 (DOI: 10.1159/000326211)

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