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do solitary bees count?

Certain flowers (in this case Alcea setosa) have a fixed number of nectaries. Thus there is an opportunity for increased foraging efficiency to drive the selection of strategies that correlate with counting – i.e. move on to the next flower after draining 5 nectaries.  Bar-Shai et al have studied bumblebees visiting such flowers and show that bee behaviour contains a component which correlates with counting. In this recent paper, they perform the same analysis for solitary bees foraging at the same flowers, however solitary bees don’t show any behavioural component that might be related to counting.

Noam Bar-Shai, Tamar Keasar, Avi Shmida, How do solitary bees forage in patches with a fixed number of food items?, Animal Behaviour, Volume 82, Issue 6, December 2011.

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