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Computational methods for accurate optic flow based path integration

The level of performance shown by insects in their optic flow mediated behaviours has led many computational scientists to try and develop algorithms that can capture both the performance and the (presumed) computational efficiency of insect optic flow methods. In this paper, the authors develop insect inspired methods for optic-flow based PI. Crucially, the authors have built an extra layer to their algorithm which attempts to mitigate against the cumulative errors found in self-estimates of position.

Here is the abstract: “Some insects use optic flow (OF) to perform their navigational tasks perfectly. Learning from insects’ OF navigation strategies, this article proposes a bio-inspired integrated navigation system based on OF.The integrated navigation system is composed of an OF navigation system (OFNS) and an OF aided navigation system (OFAN). The OFNS uses a simple OF method to measure motion at each step along a path. The position information is then obtained by path integration. However, path integration leads to cumulative position errors which increase rapidly with time. To overcome this problem, the OFAN is employed to assist the OFNS in estimating and correcting these cumulative errors. The OFAN adopts an OF-based Kalman filter (KF) to continuously estimate the position errors. Moreover, based on the OF technique used in the OFNS, we develop a new OF method employed by theOFANto generate the measurement input of the OF-based KF. As a result, both the OFNS and the OFAN in our integrated navigation system are derived from the same OFmethod so that they share input signals and some operations. The proposed integrated navigation system can provide accurate position information without interference from cumulative errors yet doing so with low computational effort. Simulations and comparisons have demonstrated its efficiency.”

Chao Pan, He Deng, Xiao Fang Yin & Jian Guo Liu (2011) An optical flow-based integrated navigation system inspired by insect vision Biol Cybern (2011) 105:239–252
DOI 10.1007/s00422-011-0463-5

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