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Polarisation vision in drosophila

Recently, we glimpsed into the future of insect navigation research, as it became possible to bring genetic tools to bear on behaviours like visual place learning in drosophila (Ofstad et al 2011 Nature). Now, similar steps have been made to understand fly polarisation vision. The current edition of Current Biology contains two papers (and a commentary article) on the genetic dissection of polarisation vision pathways and polarisation mediated flight behaviours. The challenge for the rest of us is to understand the similarities and differences between drosophila spatial behaviour and the behaviour of our own experimental species, such that we can best utilise the findings from this drosophila work.

Hardie, Roger C. 2012 Polarization Vision: Drosophila Enters the Arena. Current biology 22, R12-R14.

Weir, Peter T. & Dickinson, Michael H. 2012 Flying Drosophila Orient to Sky Polarization. Current biology 22, 21-27.

Wernet, Mathias F., Velez, Mariel M., Clark, Damon A., Baumann-Klausener, F., Brown, Julian R., Klovstad, M., Labhart, T. & Clandinin, Thomas R. 2012 Genetic Dissection Reveals Two Separate Retinal Substrates for Polarization Vision in Drosophila. Current biology 22, 12-20.

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