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The style of an ant’s navigtional toolkit

In their landmark 1978 book, O’Keefe and Nadal differentiate between two different navigational systems: taxon and locale. Locale systems are those that underpin a sense of place within map-like representations of the world. Taxon mechanisms allow for procedural sensori-motor associations that can underpin behaviours like habitual routes. In this review paper, Ken Cheng covers what is known about ant navigation and thus demonstrates the power of taxon systems to generate robust navigation using information from multiple modalites. This review covers path integration, search and the use of learnt visual information. The third of these three is particularly interesting as Ken discusses recent research which addresses the level of detail that ants might store in order to guide routes.

The pdf can be downloaded from here: <http://psyc.queensu.ca/ccbr/Vol7/Cheng.pdf&gt;

Ken Cheng (2012) How to navigate without maps: The power of taxon-like navigation in ants. Comparative Cognition and Behaviour Reviews.

doi: 10.3819/ccbr.2012.70001

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