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New Year, new reviews

What better way to start the new year than 2 review articles from the Annual Review of Entomology. Both relate to issues that are integral to the understanding of insect navigation. Perry and Barron review what we know about reward mechanisms in insects. Paulk et al look at our understanding of the visual system of drosophila, something which is going to be key for insect navigation studies as we gradually learn more about what drosphila are capable of with regard to navigation.

Angelique Paulk, S. Sean Millard, and Bruno van Swinderen (2013) Vision in Drosophila: Seeing the World Through a Model’s Eyes. Ann Rev Entomol, 58.

Clint J. Perry and Andrew B. Barron (2013) Neural Mechanisms of Reward in Insects.  Ann Rev Entomol, 58.

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