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New species; New opportunity; Same navigation?

Across all the ant species that we study, we see a similar set of navigational behaviours and navigational mechanisms, though interesting questions arise when looking at how ecology and phylogeny shape the interplay between mechanisms. For this type of comparative work, we need particular pairs of species. This initial characterisation of navigational behaviour in a new Melophorus species is particularly interesting because she shares a very similar ecology to the well studied Cataglyphis fortis (though they are not closely related) and is closely related to the well-studied Melophorus bagoti (though they has very different habitats). Being able to study the navigation of this species, in targeted comparative experiments, promises to be very rewarding.
Schultheiss, Patrick, Schwarz, Sebastian, Cheng, Ken, and Wehner, Rüdiger (2013). Foraging ecology of an Australian salt-pan desert ant (genus Melophorus). Australian Journal of Zoology. http://dx.doi.org/10.1071/ZO12096
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