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Spatial memory in insects: a review

The latest edition of Current Biology has a special collection of papers on memory. Insects are represented via two particularly fruitful model systems: The olfactory learning of fruit flies and the spatial learning evident across insects but most notably in hymenopteran foragers. The paper most relevant here (Collett (M) et al.) covers familiar ground in terms of navigational mechanisms, i.e. view-based homing and Path Integration, as well as the ways that individuals might acquire and organise them. However, it is useful to have this in one place in an up-to-date review. But this is an extensive paper and it comes into its own with some more general content. The first page is a lovely guide to spatial behaviour in a broader range of insects than we usually see; And we end with some particularly interesting speculation around recognition and guidance and whether there might be 2 kinds of memory process underpinning insect navigation.
Matthew Collett,Lars Chittka,Thomas S. Collett (2013) Spatial memory in insect navigation. Current Biology, Volume 23, Issue 17, R789-R800
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