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How to build a smart search

The last resort for a navigating insect is search, however that search may still be driven by learnt information as would happen in a familiar visual environment. Or, it may be a pure systemmatic search as would happen on unfamiliar ground after one has run off any Path Integration information. For Australian desert ants it seems that these search types have different properties. With search parameters in unfamiliar terrain approximating the optimal Levy distribution. Fitting mathematical models to search doesn’t necessarily lead us to an understanding of the mechanisms driving the search, however more accurate descriptions of searches do, of course, enable a better understanding of their function. 

Reynolds, A. M., Schultheiss, P., & Cheng, K. (2013). Does the Australian desert ant Melophorus bagoti approximate a Lévy search by an intrinsic bi-modal walk?. Journal of theoretical biology.

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