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Transfer of information between compass modalities

We know that there is redundancy within the navigational systems of ants, for example both Path Integration and learnt cues can provide directional information. Indeed there is also redundancy within navigational modalities; both patterns of polarisation and the position of the sun can provide the compass information needed for Path Integration. Using filters and shields Lebhardt and Ronacher were able to restrict the type of compass information available to navigating desert ants. They went on to show that ants were able to transfer compass information between input types, for instance using the sun compass on the way out from the nest and then polarisation information on the return (and vice versa). This suggests that directional information is stored in a modality independent part of the brain to which both sun and polarisation compasses input.

Lebhardt, F., & Ronacher, B. (2014). Transfer of directional information between the polarization compass and the sun compass in desert ants. Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 1-10.
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