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Rüdiger Wehner’s great topics

For all of us, we are familiar with Rüdiger Wehner as a famous name appearing frequently and prominently throughout the last 40 years of insect navigation research. In this paper Ken Cheng takes on the sizeable challenge of extracting themes from Rüdiger’s historic output. The aim is to highlight some key research topics where Rüdiger had great influence. For instance, Ken discusses Rüdiger’s championing of the idea of Matched Filters and Rüdiger’s role in the biorobotics movement. All in all, it is a very interesting read and it manages to capture the breadth and depth of Rüdiger’s insect navigation research.

Ken Cheng and Cody A. Freas (2015) Path integration, views, search, and matched filters: the contributions of Rüdiger Wehner to the study of orientation and navigation. Journal of Comparative Physiology A

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