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Current Biology Dispatches

In the most recent issue of Current Biology there are two short Dispatch articles which focus on recently “Blogged” research papers: Hunt and Chittka; And, Degan et al. Collett and Graham discuss how the recent recording of orientation flights in honeybees has highlighted similarities with the orientation flights of bumblebees – where the environment seems to influence the details of learning flights. Judith Reinhard discusses how bees apparently show false memories, something that is well reported for humans. Of course at the moment this is still a superficial similarity and we don’t know the function of memory merging/false memory generation.
Thomas S. Collett and Paul Graham (2015) Insect Navigation: Do Honeybees Learn to Follow Highways? 25(6) R240–R242

Judith Reinhard (2015) Animal Cognition: Bumble Bees Suffer ‘False Memories’ 25(6) R236–R238

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