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Are nest and food searches the same?

Only quite recently has the work from Ulm and MacQuarie begun to highlight the nuances of food and nest searches for Cataglyphis and Melophorus respectively. Here the Ulm team draw together their impressive recent work in review form, to compare food and nest searches in Cataglyphis. In their own words: “we observe notable differences in nest and food search performances. The parameters of nest searches are relatively constant and improve little with experience, although those small improvements had not been recognized previously. Food searches, by contrast, are more flexible and cover smaller or larger areas, mainly depending on the reliability of food encounter over several visits. Intriguingly, food site searches may be significantly more focussed than nest searches, although the nest should be the most important goal in an ant’s life. These results demonstrate both adaptability and high accuracy of the ants’ search programme.”
Pfeffer, S. E., Bolek, S., Wolf, H., & Wittlinger, M. (2015). Nest and food search behaviour in desert ants, Cataglyphis: a critical comparison. Animal cognition, 1-10.
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