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A quick catch-up before normal service resumes

I apologise for the small gap in BLOG service this year. Normal service will resume this week, but to tide you all over here are a few interesting papers that people might have missed in 2016.

Linander, N., Baird, E., & Dacke, M. (2016). Bumblebee flight performance in environments of different proximity. Journal of Comparative Physiology A,202(2), 97-103.

Bockhorst, T., & Homberg, U. (2015). Compass Cells in the Brain of an Insect Are Sensitive to Novel Events in the Visual World. PloS one, 10(12), e0144501.

Bazalova, O., Kvicalova, M., Valkova, T., Slaby, P., Bartos, P., Netusil, R., … & Damulewicz, M. (2016). Cryptochrome 2 mediates directional magnetoreception in cockroaches. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 201518622.

Yilmaz, A., Lindenberg, A., Albert, S., Grübel, K., Spaethe, J., Rössler, W., & Groh, C. (2016). Age‐related and light‐induced plasticity in opsin gene expression and in primary and secondary visual centers of the nectar‐feeding ant Camponotus rufipes. Developmental neurobiology.

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