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Making sense of complex scenes

We know that insects can guide routes using their memories of visual scenes. However we don’t know much about the perceptual processes that might be employed to derive directional information from a visual scene. Whilst it seems unlikely that insects parse scenes into labelled objects in a way that is similar to object recognition in humans, insects may segment panoramas into regions or even ‘shapes’. Buehlmann et al look at the rules that ants might use to derive directional information from panoramas. Using panoramas made up of multiple shapes, they found that ants derive directional information independently from each shape and recognise shapes using their relative position as well as their appearance.
Buehlmann, C., Woodgate, J. L., & Collett, T. S. (2016). On the Encoding of Panoramic Visual Scenes in Navigating Wood Ants. Current Biology26(15), 2022-2027.

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