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Rapid landscape learning in bees

We all know that bees have specific flight patterns that are undertaken at the beginning of their foraging careers. Our understanding of these so-called learning flights has been massively advanced in recent years by the use of harmonic radar to track bees. This has allowed us to understand how the flights develop and how they are influenced by the structure of the environment. In this new paper, we get another insight into these learning flights. Bees are tracked for one flight only and then tested by being released within the extent of the learning flight or in a novel area. The results show that bees are capable of one-trial learning.

Degen, J., Kirbach, A., Reiter, L., Lehmann, K., Norton, P., Storms, M., … & Chamkhi, H. (2016). Honeybees Learn Landscape Features during Exploratory Orientation Flights. Current Biology26(20), 2800-2804.
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