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Predicting ants

This is an intriguing bit of ant behaviour. Ants are trained to find food at a location that moves systematically on each learning trial. For one group the food moves further from the next with each trial. In another group the food moves further to the right with each trial. After training ants are tested with no food present and show a preference for searching at locations that follow the training rule (getting further from the nest or moving further to the right). It is fascinating to consider the possible explanations for this behaviour. My personal view is that the natural tendency of foragers to increase distance with experience may have been coopted in this experiment, rather than any conceptually impressive cognitive prediction mechansisms. But maybe … …
Cammaerts and Cammaerts (2016) Spatial expectation of food location in an ant on basis of previous food locations (Hymenoptera, Formicidae). Journal of Ethology, 1-9.
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