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When do views beat vectors?

One of the most interesting questions that we can address with insect navigation research is cue conflict and how it plays out in natural real world behaviours. In the case of Path Integration and learnt visual cues, we know that in experienced well trained ants, those two modalities work simultaneously, but that vision “wins” in the case of a 180 degree conflict. Here, Freas and Cheng look at the temporal dynamics of this type of cue integration. They find that multiple visually guided routes within the last 24 hours are needed to give visual cues dominance over PI. This kind of temporal dynamics to the weighting of cues may be part of a suite of mechanisms that ensure robust cue weighting.

Freas, C. A., & Cheng, K. Learning and time‐dependent cue choice in the desert ant, Melophorus bagoti. Ethology.

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