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We are featured! is currently the featured site at ””

This list of interesting robot and engineering sites is maintained by allows users to connect and share electronics ideas and circuit designs in a like-minded community.

Their list includes lots of interesting robot, maker and coding sites and resources.

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Summer Holiday

The BLOG will be quiet for a couple of weeks owing to holidays and conferences. Will be back in week commencing 13th August. In the meantime, I hope I will see some of you at the Neuroethology congress.

Best, Paul

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I’m still here

It seems we are experiencing a bit of a lull in insect navigation papers, but rest assured I’m still monitoring those tables of contents. In the meantime, if anybody has any comments to make on insect navigation research of any vintage – feel free to get in touch ( and we can turn it into a post.  Likewise, if you have any ideas to improve the BLOG.


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A new community site for people interested in insect and robot navigation

I hope that this blog can act as a comunity resource for people interested in insect navigation and the insect-inspired robot navigation. My hope is that the site can be used to broadcast news of interesting new research and follow-up with short Q & As where authors of new research can explain the context and inspiration for their work in a friendly and constructive environment. I also hope to get current researchers to provide short commentaries on their favourite ‘classic’ papers.

I am hoping that the ISN congress in Salamanca will be a springboard for this endeavour.

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Contact Details

Please send suggestions, comments and feedback to Paul Graham,

Dr Paul Graham
Centre for Computational Neuroscience and Robotics
University of Sussex
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